What inspires you, and what influences have you let seep through into your work?
illoboy: well, I love to find new and original artwork. I myself do a lot of doodling..oh! er. I mean sketching.. I keep a small sketchbook with me and doodle in it when I am bored ..while I am waiting for the subway or on the phone with somone..I don't really like to sketch real things. I like to just drop the pencil on the paper and see where it goes.. these little things get into my illustrations alot. I also like to look at this Japanese illustration magazine called."ILLUSTRATION" oddly enough. other than that, pop culture/street art--graffiti, club flyers, rock posters, etc.

Do you work alone or in a studio with other artists?
illoboy: I work alone and talk to myself alot.. I have a dog that helps me keep my sanity.

Do you have much contact with your peers and if so, do you find it useful? I mean, have you ever got drunk with another illustrator?
illoboy: somewhat. I don't really take part in the professional organizations like the Society of Illustrators here in New York, because they can be a little "clicky" and uptight. I have gotten drunk with many illustrators.. but never woke up the next morning in one's bed.

Do you have a rep and do you think that illustrator's reps perform a worthwhile function?
illoboy: I had a rep.. I found it to be more restricting than helpful. It was a matter of promoting myself the way I wanted to .. My rep didn't want me to have MY phone number on the promo. So all the calls went to him, and his 20 or so other artist's.

What sort of ratio of work between editorial and advertising do you do?
illoboy: mostly editorial.. now and then an ad job comes along.

Did you create your website to attract new clients and is it working?
illoboy: Yes. Yes.