Jack Mortensbak, the legendary "illoboy",is a New York City based freelance illustrator. Born in 1964, he has been an Illustrator for 7 years and has been using computers for over 10 years. Jack has online work at Discovery Channel Online: www.discovery.com/past/stories/moreweird.html
He also contributes regularly to BIKINI Magazine, New Media Magazine and ESPN Magazine. Jack's own website can be found at :

Have you ever worn a suit to get a job? Did it work?
illoboy: Yes I did. and yes, it did. When I was hunting down Design positions. I kind of liked it. I had long hair at the time so I didn't feel like all the other "suits".

How did you come to be an illustrator? Did you do any formal training?
illoboy: No real formal training in illustration. I went to school for Graphic Design. I was afraid of illustration because all the stuff they were showing was this tightly rendered painterly stuff.

Did that training prepare you for the "real world"?
illoboy: I learned the hard way. I started into illustration after getting fired from a design job because of "creative conflicts" with the boss. So I created a book called icon-o-graphics (100 icons from my nyc sketchbook). I sold the book in art supply and fine art book stores and used it as a self promo.

Do you dress to the left or the right? I mean which platform do you use, Mac or PC, and does it matter?
illoboy: well. I use a mac. I am sort of biased I guess. One of my first jobs was at MacUser Magazine, so I got to try out Adobe Illustrator 1.1 when it was in Beta.

Which programs do you use?
illoboy: Adobe Illustrator and now doing animations in FLASH..

Do you ever swear at your computer and does it make you feel better?
illoboy: hahah! Ohh yeahhhh. 'specially when I am web surfin.